This was another comment made by us earlier this year and apparently the WCB plans to have a design contest for new signs soon.

The SH1 signs will only greet local traffic when the Expressway opens, so signs for the on and off ramps there will also be appropriate.

According to this Kapiti Observer article:-

“The existing signs on State Highway 1 were made for the year 2000 and are past their best, Waikanae Community Board chair Eric Gregory says.

“At the northern entrance to the town the sign has become “buried” in flax plantings alongside the railway line. Much of it is now obscured, including community group symbols attached.

“The southern sign was moved recently after a new speed zone sign was placed in front of it.

‘Both the signs are single sided, which misses the opportunity for another message on the back for traffic travelling in the other direction’, Gregory said.”