You may have heard on media that I have a few things on soon.

Rotary Art show — Southwards invited me as a guest artist — I’m not sure if it was due to a cancellation but it was only a few weeks back so as I had sidelined work for the Arts trail which the college asked me to do at the college so the public can see the murals, I decided after some pressure from family to accept Rotary as well: hence work is being juggled.

Here is a summary of what I intend to exhibit.

Rotary Oct 24-26
USSC Rangatira entering the inner harbour with old tugboat and the Captain Cook in the far distance.
HMS Astute — the most advanced submarine class ever, more hi-tech than the space shuttle.
Schiller — one of the world’s oldest paddle steamers on Lake Lucerne.
Leyland and Crossley buses at Barrow Corporation depot in the 1950s
SS Sultan Star in heavy sea Atlantic ocean — Blue Star Line series.

TSS Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu, the world’s oldest coal burner steamer

Art Trail at Otaki College Oct 31st/Nov1st then 7th and 8th.

Any of the above that do not sell, plus more ships, buses and landscape as well as prints, cards, calendars etc. and the murals I have helped year 10 art students produce.

Hope you can make it.

all the best,