Councillor K Gurunathan in ‘Notes from a Corner Dairy’ (Kapiti News 23 March 2016) aligns cantankerous Council meetings, court costs, public protests, bad publicity and Kerry Bolton having been given a trespass notice with Chaos theory (the butterfly effect) and the hopelessness of trying to predict the ultimate fate of a complex system. Yet, ironically, in this case actions of certain people have resulted in largely foreseeable consequences in terms of cause and effect.

Immediately following the Council meeting of 26 February 2015 there was an
exchange of words between Holborow and Bolton unwisely initiated by Councillor Holborow. There was silence on anything more than an exchange of words having occurred until around 8 March. Then the hideous concept of assault on a woman was introduced. False accusation of assault on a woman is a serious matter and this predictably escalated what had not been a problem for more than a week prior. The person who invented the assault was not identified by the Acting CEO at the time and the statement made was inconsistent. Highly credible witnesses who did see exactly what happened on 26 February say the alleged assault simply did not happen.

In the Councillor Code of Conduct complaint hearings at the meeting of 27 August 2015, from what Councillor Gaylor said, it is plain that she was the one that escalated the exchange of words to that of assault on a woman. It also explains why so much effort has subsequently been put in, in all its inconsistency, in persuading others to see what she said she saw even though they were not there and in her defending her invention.

Councillor Gaylor, no amount of photo opportunities with elected local and
senior central government officials can mask your engineered false accusation
of an innocent person. You have to clean up the mess you have made. Until then the sore will continue to fester and K Gurunathan will have even more events to add to the long chain.

John Vickerman

17 Rangihiroa St | Waikanae 5036