from Sue Lusk’s Destination Waikanae Facebook page:

“Oh my goodness, the rest of the country is missing out! The country’s Number One Comfort Food is apparently pies and we’ve just been listening to Paul Henry reading through the list of all the regions of New Zealand from Northland southwards, whose favourite pies are steak and cheese or mince and cheese…….!

“Compare this to the succulent Steak and Stout, Coconut and Kumara, Vege Tex Mex, Bacon and Egg, Roast Vege Feta and Olive, Moroccan Lamb, Choc Chilli Beef, Spinach and Feta……and, yes, Steak and Cheese and Mince and Cheese you can enjoy at Siggy’s, with meat from Andy at the Waikanae Butchery. Seven days a week now. With Karen’s most awesomely delicious coffee.. 🙂