Not quite Hillary Clinton stuff, but as this has now been read by way of complaint to a council meeting, the text of this is given below.  We have to say though, that compared to a venomous e-mail we saw in January 2013 from a lawyer associate of a certain local property businessman in which, among other things, we were called “obtuse”, “uncivilised”, “permanently trapped in aggression and denial” and “needing a serious reality check”, Michael Scott’s statement is quite mild.

[comments by our reader]

A complaint was made against MS and the letter he sent to a ratepayer was read out by Christopher Ruthe today.

Despite some efforts against, it was agreed to proceed with the complaint in six weeks time, because [Mayor] Church could not write a report sooner than that. Church said that what Scott had written was bad, but his action was not; nobody seems to know what that means.

Church was against any action. Cr Gurunathan tried to get Scott to apologise. Scott retorted, as usual, that he would not apologise.

Cr Jackie Elliott said Scott should resign. He said that Jackie Elliott should resign and for her to look at her own conduct. Again, nobody knows what that means.

Church assured Scott that the complaint would be heard – public excluded. Scott said that if the complaint proceeds, who will be next? The others were not as strong as he is – seriously.

Murray Bell tried to suggest ways to make the matter of minimal embarrassment.

Scott left the chamber. He was seen on a sofa with Church, Church’s arm around his shoulders, while Scott blubbered and Church assured him that they would go easy on him – seriously.

One councillor, I’m not sure who, said that if matters like this proceed, ‘they’ve won’. Who ‘they’ are is presumably the ratepayers.

[the e-mail]

Thanks for your email – I note that in the time you and your crew were involved with WaikanaeOne you achieved precisely and utterly nothing. The  same was true in your time with Destination Waikanae, which I note you are not a member of. I am pleased to have pulled together some disparate ideas into my vision, one that will evolve with input from the community. I suspect your involvement will continue to be what it has always been, ineffective and mostly worthless. So thanks for your thoughts, but I will keep on leading the community towards a vision of the future and leave you and your crew to whine from the side lines. I do appreciate you are feelingly left out, but realistically, you haven’t in the time I have known you had much that was worthwhile hearing.

Have a great day as I certainly am.

Kind regards

Michael Scott
Waikanae Ward Councillor