waikanaesignThis question has arisen during the campaign.  As those who drive into Waikanae from the south are aware, the old sign is still there.

If there had been a proper Council webpage for the Waikanae Community Board, as Geoffrey proposes, the issue could have been decided by popular vote in the first place.

However, it wasn’t and a winner was announced by the WCB members.

Our reaction to the winning entry (shown) was one of misgiving, but we didn’t express a firm view either for or against it.  Our main concern was the cost of it — $43,000 versus probably no more than a tenth of that for four of the conventional sign type.

On the Destination Waikanae Facebook page, Norma McCallum states “Have heard that the signs will go up after Christmas!”

Thus it seems to be a fait accompli.  The lesson, as we and others have said, is that from now on decisions must result from a democratic community process, not from the whims of cliques.