For some of us in Kapiti, the Horowhenua tension between the power of the Mayor to select the deputy and right of councillors to vote to remove a deputy and vote in one of their choice, is watched with interest.

The comment from Kerry Bolton makes one wonder what it is that Ross Campbell might or might not have done in comparison with Kapiti’s new Deputy Mayor, Janet Holborow.

Mayor Fayen’s quoted primary reason for appointment of Campbell was because he was the only councilor in the previous three years “who gave me the time of day”.

In Kapiti, the elected Mayor has offered the explanation to Dr Bolton and his wife that he appointed Holborow as deputy mayor because he “did not want to be stabbed in the back”. For the Mayor to say he appointed his deputy for that reason should surely make people think a bit more about the integrity of those they vote for.

My request of Mayor Gurunathan is for him to clarify the basis on which he appointed his current deputy from his comment to Kerry Bolton:

1) what was it about Holborow’s integrity that led him to believe that he was at risk of being stabbed in the back?


2) knowing this, why did he then go on and appoint her deputy mayor?