Writing_handWe met Sue Lusk of Destination Waikanae for morning tea today who tells us she wants “articles that can go in the notice board outside the library. I was allowed to do it by KCDC to try to get more people engaged with what is happening so it can’t be too anti-establishment (!) but I need good writers!”

You may think the Facebook page(s) and this blog suffice for that, and although they are read by people who matter, there are still many who they don’t reach, in fact most of the town.  And we’ve commented previously on the KCDC website and the turgid nature of council documents!

So if you’d like to write something for the noticeboard on current or forthcoming events that is engaging, but not too political, then Sue wants you!  She says that the ideal is about half to two thirds of an A4 page with a picture or two filing the rest.