It is sad to read that the Waikanae Community Board and the Peka Peka community are up in arms regarding the lack of access to and from the expressway at Peka Peka.

Approximately a year ago at the Waikanae Beach Community Vision and Action public meeting, it was clearly established that there was to be no Expressway connection for Peka Peka.

Neither the Council representatives nor the current chair of the Waikanae Community Board [Ms Prvanov] who were present at the meeting took any initiative to stimulate action on this omission!

I also question the involvement of the Council in the Alliance team and who the appointee was representing.

It looks suspiciously like another badly managed Council action, undertaken without community consultation and support.

The provision of a north bound off-ramp and a southbound on-ramp would have added only a fraction to the total $630 million Expressway cost.

The other serious issue is the poor signage provided, both at Peka Peka for southbound traffic and at Te Moana Rd for northbound Peka Peka traffic.

As the current Expressway is approached from the north, the only signs to Waikanae and Waikanae Township show it is necessary to exit to the left at Peka Peka. There is absolutely no indication that Waikanae and Waikanae Beach can be accessed from the Te Moana Rd interchange a few km along the Expressway. Considering that the Te Moana Rd interchange is probably central to Waikanae’s population, it seems strange to direct them on a circuitous old highway route.

The m2pp Alliance has replied to this omission as follows:

“The Expressway signage follows the NZ Transport Agency’s regulations for Traffic Signs and Markings. You noted at the bottom of your email that you would send a copy of this to NZTA. They will be able to provide more information on State Highway signage.”

No reply or information has yet been provided.

Typical of poorly thought out traffic direction and management I would suggest.

The Alliance quickly found that there was no signage directing that north bound Expressway traffic to Peka Peka had to exit at Te Moana Rd and tortuously negotiate their way to Peka Peka. An emergency sign was provided at the Te Moana Rd off ramp, with a permanent one now having replaced it, but at the Te Moana Rd lights there is absolutely no indication of which direction Peka Peka is.

It seems that simple planning and decision making is often overlooked with the immensity of the provision of a fantastic accessway through Kapiti.

Laurie Petherick

(from the KC News site)