An aerial view of Paekakariki beach whose residents are in for a 6.7% Rates increase and where last October Cr Holborow (now the Deputy Mayor) defeated an opponent of Rates rises, Guy Burns.  How many there now wish they had voted differently?

At least the citizens are, but according to this Radio NZ report,

“the Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce said the increase was necessary, to catch up on economic development.

“The bulk of the increase would go towards funding debt and depreciation.

“Chamber of Commerce chairwoman Heather Hutchings said Kāpiti was Wellington’s growth area, but it experienced a daily brain drain when the bulk of its professional workforce commuted to the capital – where they spent their money.”

How exactly is increasing the council’s already massive tax take to pay for Dougherty’s empire going to help this?

Is it not the case that the more the government, whether local or central, takes in taxes, the less people have to spend with any kind of business?

Is the rates hike not also going to mean smaller profits for Ms Hutchings’ members?  If they own the building they use, they will be paying the increase directly, if they don’t the landlord is sure to pass the increase on.

The interest on the ever-increasing council debt to pay for the massive squandering by the two previous councils on useless projects is certainly a problem; the ‘depreciation’ on revalued water pipes is simply a red herring that Dougherty has come up with.

Has Ms Hutchings forgotten the council’s $600,000 + write off on the CleanTech Centre in Otaki?

Is it the council’s role to subsidize or operate businesses anyway?

It makes you wonder what purpose the Chamber of Commerce serves if this is the sort of statement its leaders make.