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We’re having a tree planting session at the Reikorangi public reserve on 15th July 1-3 pm: this is also known as the Devil’s Elbow, 2.2 km from the old state highway, next to the Archery club. This is not to be confused with the school house reserve on Akatarawa Rd.

We’ll be planting 50 Ribbonwood trees on the lower river level, and if there’s enough time and people, we’ll plant more natives on the top level.

Meet at the road carpark at 1 pm for introductions and a safety brief.
Rain or shine, we’ll be there.

• Good footwear suitable for possible muddy path.
• A grubber or spade for digging shallow holes and clearing grass (patches have been sprayed so the grass should clear easily)
• Gloves optional
• Insect repellent — there may be sandflies.

If you haven’t already, check out this amazing reserve — with ancient virgin bush untouched by pioneer loggers. Huge Rata, Kahikatea, Tawa, Kohekohe, etc. It stretches about 3.5 km alongside the river. Cliffs, streams, waterfalls, wetlands, deep pools, rapids, many rare natives and a good dose of native birds. I personally think it’s the most amazing reserve in Kapiti (apart from the island). We’re replanting on land which was previously pasture — to widen the bush corridor.

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