satisfaction oh yeah

We mentioned the “Satisfaction Survey” in a post on 9 May.  But the results that have now appeared on the KCDC website here exclude the responses from the online questionnaire and only include responses from a telephone survey conducted by Research First.

With the ever-growing number of people who don’t have a landline anymore and only use mobile/wifi devices, we have questions about the reliability of this.

The big question mark, of course, is what were the results of the online survey which the KCDC doesn’t want to show us?

Anyway, here is a little summary of the totals in the telephone survey split per community board area. “Adjusted satisfaction” means those who were “neutral” or said don’t know are excluded:


Even with this, only 60% of those in Waikanae felt they were getting “value for money” with their rates.  In Otaki, even less: only 55%.

Strangely, in Paekakariki despite their 6.7% rates hike (announced in April), 92% said they were satisfied, so Cr Holborow should be very relieved by that.

Waikanae participants weren’t so happy with “clarity of information” (65%) — this has been a major bane of ours — nor with cycle lanes (52%).

And Waikanae respondents weren’t happy with “interaction overall” — only 50% saying there were, so you need to try harder and start communicating, WCB members.