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Just wondered if you were aware that 1080 will be poisoning the land behind Waikanae in September. This article

Note the Comments that follow the article.

Here’s what the CEO of SPCA has to say recently about 1080.

1080 poisoning is a horrible way to die and it is indiscriminate in what it kills. The Department of Conservation (DOC) is dropping more 1080 poison this year than ever before across huge swathes of our forests, despite the inevitable damage it will do to a wide range of ‘non-target’ animals and birds.
We are saying there has to be a better way.
These 1080 drops are not surgical strikes that only knock out so-called ‘target’ species. On the contrary, 1080 poison is a weapon of mass destruction that leads to the agonising deaths of many ‘non-target’ species, including deer, pigs, and, yes, native birds. DOC is dropping many tonnes of 1080 poison bait across New Zealand’s forests and streams, potentially killing every living thing within the drop zones. This is unacceptable and there is much evidence to suggest that it is not the answer to the problem: the target species, particularly rats, always seem to bounce back, which necessitates more 1080 poison drops.
It is simply not a sustainable way to manage wildlife in New Zealand. Are we going to keep dropping 1080 poison all over New Zealand forever? Is that the future we want?
Moreover we appear to have set up a double standard regarding the welfare of pest species, such as rats, stoats, and possums. The law permits the elimination of these and other inconvenient species and turns a blind eye to how inhumanely they are killed. We as a country have decided there are two kinds of animals: those we care about and those we don’t. If I fed 1080 poison to my dog, the SPCA would prosecute me with vigour. But if I fed the same poison to a possum there would be no repercussions at all.

Ric Odom, CEO of the Royal New Zealand SPCA

Could be worth a mention in Waikanae Watch.

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Roger Childs of the Kapiti Independent News

Comment from Jocelyn Prvanov of the Waikanae Community Board

Hi there Roger,
No I wasn’t aware of this drop. As the board chair I am not informed about these.
I am aware though that the use of 1080 is controlled activity and is carefully monitored by the EPA [Environmental Protection Authority]. I also understand that there is no large scale alternative, and that this chemical is only used where necessary.
Kind regards

Jocelyn Prvanov
Waikanae Community Board Chair


We did mention this in a post on 3 August and, needless to say, are very unhappy about it. Hunters and trappers provide an alternative, and in fact could be one of the things that have tourist potential. [- Eds]