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the garden of the house on the left featured in the 2015 garden trail

Kohekohe trees 1This is one of Waikanae’s leafier streets, and apart from a handful of certain property businessmen, no-one can fail to be impressed by it.

Although they should be superfluous to state, here from the Saving our Trees – Marrickville municipality blog are the benefits of trees to help a certain Waikanae tree vandal and those like him -–

  • A good street tree can add 30% to your property value.
  • A street full of good leafy street trees is a real estate agent’s pleasure because all houses will sell for more than the same kind of house in the same kind of condition in a street that does not have street trees, or has poor quality street trees.
  • Street trees provide a buffer from traffic & collect particulate matter pollution from passing vehicles.  Without this buffer, that particulate matter pollution is much more likely to reach your lungs.
  • Particulate matter causes lung irritation, respiratory illnesses & impairs airway function. It also can cause irregular heartbeat, heart attacks & premature death in people with heart or lung disease.  It also collects on buildings.
  • The shade of a tree can reduce air temperature by 1 – 8 degrees Celsius in summer.
  • The canopy acts as a buffer for wind & can reduce wind speed by 10%.
  • Trees are nature’s air conditioners & they cool down surface heat & lower the urban heat island effect.
  • Trees also sequester CO2 & produce oxygen.
  • They help capture stormwater.
  • Trees provide habitat & food for wildlife.
  • People are happier & have less depression when able to be around trees.