Rutherford beach art 1

Rutherford Beach art 2

This metal tripod with a centre column of insulators reminds of something in an old science fiction movie — we rather liked it. 🙂

Waikanae beach fortress

Facing the other way towards the beach.  We gather that 3-story black fortress in the distance belongs to Mr Ranford.

Rutherford art.jpg

Rutherford art 2.jpg

Rutherford art 3.jpgMichelle Retimana Studio, Gallery & Garden Sculpture is located in a rather nice house in a nice location near the beach and one where the experience of the setting was just as enjoyable as the art pieces on display.

The works produced by Michelle are made of clay, bronze pounamu and bone.  In addition there large garden sculptures and decorative inside pieces, wall art, jewellery and more.

Although she doesn’t look Maori, her husband is Maori, hence the name.