Today a friend told us that while visiting and standing outside in the garden he was bitten by mosquitos originating from the Parkwood property business’s estate which plague our neighbourhood every summer.

Worse, however, was the experience of his wife, who got cellulitus from the puncture wounds on her neck.  It required a trip to the hospital for treatment.

Staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria are normally on the surface of the skin which won’t cause problems there, but when thrust below the surface by biting insects certainly can as in this case.

In our experience mosquito repellant doesn’t work, and we’ve tried Mortein AICS with very limited result.

Other devices exist on the market — if anyone can attest to their effectiveness we and other neighbours would welcome the information!


A reader recommends these repellent coils available at Mitre 10 — we’ll give them a try.

mosquito repellant