Mark de HaastWe are told that Mark de Haast, the KCDC’s Financial Controller gave notice 2 weeks ago and leaves on 9 February. He is taking up a finance position in the Hutt City Council

Coming only a short time after the much publicized departure of his boss, Chief Executive Mr Dougherty, it is not a good look for a council whose level of indebtedness per capita is one of the highest in country.

Mr de Haast has had his position in the council since March 2014.

It only reinforces the call that we and others have repeatedly made for a comprehensive external management/efficiency audit of the council.

A council officer comments:

We read your article titled “The Council’s Financial Controller quits” has been brought to our attention. While we wouldn’t usually comment on an individual staff member your post is incorrect and carries an inference that may be open to misinterpretation and as such we request that the post is either corrected or removed.

Our Financial Controller tendered his resignation with the Council on 21 December 2017 and his last working day with the Council will be 9 February 2018. The only similarity between the departures of our Chief Executive and our Financial Controller is that both have advanced their careers which reflects well on the ability of this Council to recruit and develop its staff.

If you wish to attribute the above, please quote Gary Simpson, Acting Chief Executive.

Best regards

Susan Owens

Principal Engagement and Communications Advisor
Te Kaitohutohu Whakawhitiwhitinga Whakānga Mātāpono