All this will do is create more demands for “gimmie, gimme” from council bosses, as in Kapiti, for absolutely no reason.  As Don Drash says, diminishing marginal utility applies: the higher your pay packet, the bigger the increase required for it to make any difference.  Jacinda should be showing responsibility and freezing the top public servants’ pay packets — not increasing them to obscene levels.

Pardon my graphic description but here we have pigs at the trough again. A reminder of the corruption our country now labours under. I was raised in the era when renumeration was more in line with reality. The real workers are squeezed onto minimum minimum wage with loud squeals if they ask for more, taxed […]

via The big taxpayer-funded pay rises: $50,000-plus boost for top public CEOs — Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch