KCDC airline subsidy

This is one of the items on the agenda for the Additional Council Meeting this Thursday, 14th.  The regular meeting is on the 28th.

Although the item doesn’t specifically state that it is to consider a subsidy to some small operator, that is the clear inference from the fact that it is getting “hush, hush, top secret” treatment.

No-one would object to the council giving such an operator moral and even practical support, but it’s another matter completely with a subsidy which would be taking money from ratepayers and giving it to a private business — a ‘no-no.’

The council should not be involved in subsidizing businesses at all.  If it’s not economically viable for a company to do something from their shareholders funds — then end of story.

Air NZ was supposed to be making money from its Kapiti to Auckland service.  A smaller operator would likely have smaller planes which would be slower and less comfortable, but if passengers want to go direct from Auckland to Paraparaumu, then they will still do so regardless of that.

The consequence of a subsidy would very likely be the same as that of the CleanTech centre in Otaki — another big loss for Kapiti Ratepayers.