As is clear to most followers of the local political scene, and was demonstrated particularly with the experiences of the Osbornes of Waikanae last year, the KCDC management and councilors hate their critics; and they have no qualms about indulging in whatever retaliatory harassment and intimidation they feel they can get away with.

One of the people near the top of the KCDC’s Hit List for harassment is Kerry Bolton, see earlier posts.

He tells us that he was arrested last Friday night and held for three hours. Reason? He mentioned the name of Dougherty/Guru/Power’s Accomplice in the David Scott affair on a radio talkback show following the trial in May.  It’s certain that Ms Accomplice complained to the police about it.

Technically, he should not have done so, as in sexual assault prosecutions there is automatic name suppression for a complainant once the police have laid a charge, unless the complainant wants to be identified, or the court overrules it.

In this case the Newstalk ZB radio station has a delayed broadcast of 7 seconds so that such things can be censored before they reach the airwaves, but Newstalk ZB didn’t do so.

Kerry Bolton says, “I will readily apologise to the court for an unintended breach of name suppression about which the court had said nothing to the public. I asked several times whether Heather du Plesis of Newstalk ZB had also been arrested, but they were quite oblivious to that, and somehow thought that a radio station can not exercise the same control as a newspaper, despite my explaining several times about the censor button.”

“I also asked why David Scott had been phoned at 1:00 am with some crap about breaching bail conditions by not being at the Ibis Hotel in Wellington. Again, blank. Nonetheless, I found the two police officers Okay, and unlike David, I was allowed to keep my shoes on and given a ride home. “

Clearly, Ms Accomplice doesn’t want to be identified, although nearly everyone who follows the political scene in Kapiti knows who she is, via the grapevine.  We are told she is no longer employed by the KCDC and now works in a government department in Wellington.  As well as having a nasty personality, she was totally unsuited to the position that Dougherty gave her in the KCDC and her departure was appropriate.