robyn da hood

A member of da Robbin’ band with a money pouch which poor ratepayers of da Hood have to fill.

Members of da Robbin’ band enjoy themselves.

A little satirical piece on the Spotlight on Paraparaumu and Raumati FB page began: “Mayor Robin Hood has forgotten the story line. The band was supposed to rob the rich and give to the poor ratepayers, not the other way around. Clearly some of Robin’s story book characters can be readily identified around the Council table, Maid Marian and Friar Tuck are so obvious, there’s no denying them.  Let’s look at Much the baker’s son. Sometimes it appears he wants to usurp Mayor Robin but other times it is not so clear. Occasionally in public speaking time he will sit closer to the public lectern so he can ask speakers repetitive questions.”

But who does the money that da Robbin’ band take from ratepayers of da Hood go to?  About half of it goes to pay da Sherrif and his many minions, but a lot also to da friends, da Consultants in Auckland and Wellington, and of course, interest to da Moneylenders…