Kapiti Aeromodellers rally-ad-2019

Info from the website:

For the Public – it’s free (a small donation would be appreciated). Our Gate Marshals will show you where to park and guide you to vantage point lookouts, overlooking the pits and airstrip. The “Spare Rib cafe” will serve BBQ food and drinks.
Please note that the hills on the south end of the runway are out of bounds as well as the east side of the runway.

For Fliers – registration will be available all day. Our process is that you first register and declare your wings categories. You then proceed to scrutineer to have your models checked, and once the scrutineers have cleared you with an adhesive sticker on your plane, you are ready to fly!  The Flight Marshals will then assist you by grouping you with other like aircraft, and coordinating takeoff and landings.
In the evening there will be a dinner for participants, at a local restaurant.
You can help the registration process by downloading and familiarizing yourself with the following. In particular, if you can pre-screen your model against the scrutineering check-list it will save a lot of time.