how much owl Peter Reese

“How much?!” (Peter Reese pic)

That is the figure contained on page 14 of the pdf given to councilors at a 2019 Annual Plan ‘workshop’ on 14 February, see below.

And how much is inflation?  According to the Reserve Bank, the inflation rate for 2018 was 1.9%.

In this article on the KC News website, most of which is a riposte to Bernie Randall and Guy Burns, Cr Michael Scott says, “KCDC will be placing an information document before the community. As always the community will have a chance to let council know their views on year two of the plan.”

That may be, but we all know how much notice gets taken of ratepayer submissions on both Annual Plans and Long Term Plans.

That above figure is the districtwide average, and as Waikanae people know, they were hit for a lot more than the average last year — our increase, for example, was 8.2% and we know of increases in the beach zone that were over 17%.

Auckland’s mayor Phil Gough is being criticised for the proposed rates increase there of 3.5% — an increase that Waikanae people can only dream of.

2019 Rates Increase