Andy-Oakley_1467518462_480X532_c_c_0_0The One New Zealand Party

The need for unity and equality in New Zealand has been brought into sharp focus by the tragic events in Christchurch on Friday.  Equal rights, regardless of people’s culture or ethnic background, is a key element of the new party,

by Andy Oakley

Putting all New Zealanders first

I am the leader of a new fledgling party, the One New Zealand Party.

  • We are for a more focused sovereignty, no external pacts or treaties, no internal co-governance deals
  • We are for a more responsible government attitude to property rights, New Zealand’s resources belong to New Zealanders
  • We are for a stronger protection for New Zealand citizens, not just our defence force but also economic protection from a government intent on taxing too much and investing too little in infrastructure.
  • We are for equal rights

It’s no coincidence that these are exactly the same things promised in the Treaty of Waitangi. Our government have reinterpreted it and are slowly moving back to the chaos we had before all these promises were made to the people of New Zealand.

Andy Oakley One NZ PartyWe are in set up faze now, we are an incorporated society with a bank account, aboard, a leader, a Facebook page with nearly 1000 followers. On that Facebook page people can get a membership form to join the party for $10.