LittleAccording to this story on the Radio NZ website, Justice Minister Andrew Little says “the current law on hate speech is not thorough and strong enough and needed to change.”

Mr Little: the Human Rights Act already makes illegal “language (whether written or spoken), or visual material, or physical behaviour that express hostility against, or brings into contempt or ridicule, any other person on the ground of the colour, race, or ethnic or national origins” of people. And the Crimes Act already makes illegal inciting, counseling, or procuring any person to commit a crime.

That is adequate.

Once you go beyond negative comments about the things that people are not responsible for — their colour, race, or ethnic or national origins — you are intruding into people’s right to Freedom of Speech and in particular the right to criticise other people’s attitudes and behaviour.

The Mainsteam Media’s attention on the events in Christchurch of 15 March have presented PM Jacinda fantastic opportunities for virtue signalling which she has made the most of.  Of course, some of that had to be done for the benefit of the international audience — NZ has significant trade with over 20 predominately Muslim countries and not to have made empathetic speeches and hugged Muslims would not have been a good look.  In addition, there was a need to try to diffuse the possibility of a Muslim terrorist attack in retaliation. (That may yet happen, though.)

But Jacinda’s going over the top in donning Muslim women’s garments in public appearances and her national Muslim calls to prayer by Imams in Parliament, on radio and TV won’t have won her any new friends. We encourage readers to go to website which since 9/11 has maintained a running account of all known Muslim terrorist attacks in the World, most of which the MSM in NZ never mention.  So far in 2019 alone there have been 431 Islamic attacks in 35 countries, in which 2,416 people were killed and 2,304 injured.

Rather ironically for them, TV One News last night actually reported George Clooney’s call for hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei to be boycotted after that mega-rich dictator announced gays in Brunei would be stoned to death, because of what Islamic Sharia Law says. (According to Amnesty International the new laws there will also allow for the amputation of children’s limbs for theft.)

It’s very hard to see how Islamic attitudes and practices can possibly be compatible with Jacinda and her coterie’s views on social issues; but schizophrenically she pretends they are.  Such baffling contradictions can only lead to cynicism about her motives.