With a new library building needed for Waikanae it seems appropriate to look at a few that have generated particularly positive feelings at home and abroad.   There are many grand libraries in the world which would simply be inappropriate for Waikanae, but there are a few with interesting and not necessarily expensive architecture.


A postcard of the library not long after it opened in 1963. The translucent facade was designed to look like a row of books.

by Alison Martino

If I could go back in time and return a single L.A. building to its former state, I would pick the old Beverly Hills Public Library. I sat happily with other children on the floor of its screening room, listening to the impeccably tailored Suzanne Pleshette read “Hansel and Gretel” in the late 1970s. A unique light reflected off the library’s colorful glass façade and through its windows, bathing the interior in a magical radiance. My love of reading still reminds me of that glow.

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