A reader has alerted us to this post on the Kiwi Gun blog (first post today).  Note that in this case he was asked what does he think of Jacinda Ardern?

Accordingly, our suggestion if you think you might be on the list of “right wing extremists” (read “strong opponents of the present government”) that you put a picture of Jacinda in your front window….

One thing you must do, though, is record the visit with a camera phone or, better, an internet-connected CCTV camera — and then use the recording to lay a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA). Phone 0800-503-728, or fill in an online complaint form at www.ipca.govt.nz

This is appalling.
We were contacted by a reader who was just raided by 14 heavily armed police and a dog unit.
His crime? He purchased an AR15 sometime after the Christchurch attack.
That’s it. He was getting one for his birthday in a few months’ time from his wife. Didn’t want to miss out in the uncertainty and so purchased early.
The police first raided another home, believing it to be his. It wasn’t. It was his workers. They seized his phone and showed him the careful plans they had formulated to raid the incorrect dwelling.
Then they found our reader’s residence on the same property. Then performed a full tactical search. Then seized his AR. After separating him from his wife.
Then police asked his views on Islam etc. Did he like Jacinda?
Then they left him with his license and several other guns.
Because he was NEVER A THREAT.
He was told not to expect to get what he paid for the seized rifle.
Is that f***ing right?
He was told that there was no compensation for the ammo. He could give that away.
The special storage case was his loss as well. Useless for other rifles.
We have advised the gentleman involved to make a complaint with the IPCA [Independent Police Complaints Authority].
Here is a tip for any police reading this…
If you conduct a raid of a citizen, terrorizing his family with over a dozen armed police, in several vehicles and the end result is you simply saying “K bye” – Then you are a c***.
You need to ask yourself is THIS why you became a policeman?
Who are you serving?
This man’s only gang connection was the 6000 cows he manages. The gun seized was for pest control and destruction of injured stock.
No inciting incident.
No criminal record.
No flag on his name to suggest this family would ever be a problem.
But he is a vetted shooter. So f*** that guy.
That is New Zealand now.