Even the automatically pro-government Stuff has covered this one:


Police seize gun collector’s firearms in ‘over the top’ raid

A community-minded contractor who dug the mass grave for victims of the mosque shootings for free says police went “way over the top” in raiding his house to seize his 11 firearms.

The colourful figure – who asked not to be named for security reasons but whose record of helping out people in the community and raising money is known to have endeared him to many – said about 30 police raided his west Christchurch block on 2 April about 5 pm while he was still at work.

Some were Armed Offenders Squad members and others were in ordinary police uniform. A specialist search squad searched his house, outbuildings and a granny flat housing his 80-year-old mother.

They even went through her underwear drawer. The worst thing was they pointed a rifle at my 12-year-old daughter who was picking up horse poo. They told her to put the fork down and walk towards them. She is still anxious and shaken. The whole family is.”

“They pointed their guns at me and made me walk towards them with my hands up. I got to them and said, “put that away before you hurt yourself”.”

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The orders to behave like this have come from the top and Police Minister Stuart Nash needs to instruct his Police Commissioner Mike Bush to desist, now. If he doesn’t, then sack him.  Public confidence in and respect for the police that has existed hitherto is going to disappear quickly if this nonsense continues, particularly when actual crime is ignored; the only reason to report burglaries and stolen cars to the police now is to support an insurance claim, and with the latter so that you don’t get the blame for what the thieves might do with it.  (Neighbourhood Watch groups are a good idea to improve community safety, see the earlier post).

One of the comments on the Kiwi Gun Blog on this story:-

They’re forcing a very dangerous situation.
I’ve seen hundreds of licensed owners saying in comments sections and chats, “F*** this bullshit, hand over no firearms, we simply refuse to comply and say Dear Government, back to the negotiation table we [must] go in good faith”, peaceful non-violent non-compliance, which all sounds very fine and well…but how does one peacefully and non-violently refuse to comply with a tooled up goon squad screaming at you to walk toward them slowly with your hands on your head?
We either need the general public behind us in overwhelming numbers, or we need to *actively* resist… which is an insanity none of us want to even think about, leading to dead firearms license holders and bystanders [and policemen —Eds].
So what the f*** do we do?
The binary choice seems to be compliance with insanity, or a shootout with the goon squad, neither of which is acceptable, so where does our polite and law abiding course of action lie?

Are you listening, Stuart Nash?