Photoshopped pic from Whale Oil

We’ve received an e-mail from Carol Sawyer in which she asks this, and makes other points which we’ve mentioned before, so won’t reiterate them.

The above question is highly pertinent while Jacinda & Co. remain in office.

“We know that the police have a list of at least 100 people they are watching… for what we don’t quite know. They won’t tell us, but I am sure the number will be higher than 100.

“Here is an interview about this by Sean Plunket with [lawyer] Stephen Franks of the Free Speech Coalition on 8 May 2019:…

“… some raids are about guns and some are about political views. They all seem to have one thing in common though. They are being questioned by police about their political and religious beliefs… about what they think of Jacinda Ardern, about Trump, about Muslims and other religions, whether they have friends in ethnic minorities, and the like.

“On 10 May 2019, I spoke to Travis Mills, Private Secretary (Police), about this matter. He told me, and I quote:

‘It is highly unlikely that police would be questioning people’s political preferences. Who you vote for is not a matter for NZ Police.’

“The NZ Police need to tell us what The List is about, and what “misdemeanors” will cause you to be placed on it.¹ Anti-1080 poison people, including myself, have already been spied on by government agents.

“Presumably at least some Anti-1080 people are on The List, as well as Anti-vaccine people, and people who would like us to be One nation/One people (that is now called “hate speech” by Justice Minister Andrew Little). In fact anyone who speaks out against government policies or Jacinda Ardern had better watch out.”

  1. We suggest, among other things, that people not do the following:
  • Wear camouflage clothing on the streets — caps and hats should be OK.
  • Wear any T-Shirts produced by the American National Rifle Association
  • Wear any clothing depicting the historic or current Knights Templar (Chevaliers du Temple)
  • Publicly praise US President Donald Trump (and praising Russian President Vladimir Putin may be risky, too).
  • Post derogatory cartoons or Photoshopped images of Dear Leader Jacinda — satirical ones may be OK.  —Eds