Remember that Stuff will automatically promote whatever the government line is, but it can’t deny the above.  We’ve already given significant statistics taken directly from the Police website so this is just a reiteration of what is already publicly available.

“An unprecedented Stuff investigation has identified every homicide in New Zealand in the past 15 years, revealing the vast majority of those who kill with guns are unlicensed and their weapon of choice is often a .22 calibre rifle or shotgun. Many of those weapons were cut-down or modified. Semi-automatic firearms rarely figured.”

The last is no surprise — semi-automatic rifles of the type Jacinda & Co. rushed to ban rarely figure in American statistics, either.

And Waikanae Watch has already reported that 93% of firearm-related homicides are by unlicensed firearm owners, and not the licensed firearm owners that the Police’s Waffen-Schutzstaffel have been terrorising over the past two months.

“…the deaths of 167 people – 124 men and 43 women – in the past 15 years. These figures include the March 15 terror attack, counted as a single homicide event.” Taking that 51 out, that means 116 over 15 years = 8 a year. Shock, horror!  Waikanae Watch is sure any police department in the U.S. and Canada would be amazed how low that figure is.

NashNevertheless, Stuff always sees the desirability (to themselves) of supporting the government, so quotes Police Minister Stuart Nash as saying, “I didn’t realise there were that many people who had died through the use of firearms, [Stuff’s Homicide Report] highlights that we have to take this very seriously.”

Really, Mr Nash? You didn’t know these stats despite the highly paid cabinet post you hold?  The NZ public aren’t the fools that you take them for.

Mr Nash “revealed he plans to push his fellow Cabinet Ministers for a firearms register.”

However, the much more sensible Nicole McKee, secretary of the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners, warns against this:

“A register would be costly, difficult to maintain accurately and fraught with security issues.

“Let’s have a really good look at what effect it would have on tax payers and the benefit it would have keeping people safe … I don’t think you’ll find it will change anything. That money could be spent on better preventative measures.”

Exactly, but common sense isn’t what Jacinda & Co. have displayed thus far and probably won’t while they are in office.

You can read the Stuff article here, however, nearly all of the details have been on the Police website for months.