Kapiti crepescularFirst, from Karl Webber:

Happy Treaty of Waitangi Day, Kapiti 🤩

On 4 June 1840 Te Rangihiroa and Te Ohu Signed the Treaty at Motu Ngarara Island 😉😍

there were 5 signings to the treaty of Waitangi on the Kapiti coast 🤓

Kāpiti Island (14 May 1840)
Waikanae (16 May 1840)
Ōtaki (19 May 1840)
Motungarara Island (4 June 1840)
And again on Kāpiti Island (19 June 1840).


Second, from the Kapiti Historical Society:


In this issue

  • Broadening the range of sessions
  • Feedback on Ann David’s talk last month
  • The June session – Andy Oakley
  • The next few months
  • Further down the track
  • Suggestions and assistance

Broadening the range

The Society is of course based in Kapiti, so logically we have most sessions based on a local theme. Five of our seven talks have been along these lines.

Following suggestions from members we are looking for variety in format. Ann David’s session last month was our second power point presentation and future speakers are welcome to use this formula.

Looking ahead we will be broadening the range of approaches and delivery.

  • Taking advantage of people who have lived for a long time in the area and have recollections of local history.
  • Using local authors to speak about their books.
  • Having a Q & A approach where the speaker wants to cover a range of subjects.
  • Showing DVDs.

Feel free at any time to make suggestions about possible speakers and aspects of delivery.

Thanks to our May speaker: Ann David

Ann spoke to an audience of 24 and looked at the recent world history of the right to die movement, with an emphasis on the process in New Zealand.

The power point provided a good focus for taking in the information about groups, individuals, statistics and trends.  (Thanks to Larry Keim for his assistance in providing the equipment.)

It was a very interesting and highly informative session with plenty of food for thought.

Next Meeting – Monday 24 June: 7.30 pm


    • Kapiti Uniting Church
    • 10 Weka Road, Raumati Beach
    • Gold coin koha. Thanks

Enter via the main door of the church at the top of the driveway off Weka Road.


Cannons Creek to Waitangi – an Historical Collision

Businessman, author and motor racer, Andy Oakley talks about how history has impacted his life in such a way that it could be called nothing less than a collision.

JULY – Larry Keim – The Land They Adored, Marines heal their Wounds in Hospitable New Zealand 1942-43  (Booked)

AUGUST – Mike Alexander on aspects of the history in the southern parts of Kapiti

SEPTEMBER – A showing of the ground breaking This is New Zealand  1970 film.  Introduced by Bob Carlyon.

Further down the track — possibilities

  • Return to the Western Front (Howard Chamberlain)
  • The Kapiti Coast Museum (Allan Carley)
  • Sailors’ salty language (John Granville)
  • The history of Paraparaumu airport
  • Coastlands – New Zealand’s first mall
  • Barry Hadfield – first mayor of the Kapiti District
  • Octavius Hadfield – legendary missionary, bishop and archbishop
  • Long term service on the Kapiti Coast District Council
  • A life in the US Marines (Larry Keim) 2020
  • Gallipoli – Myth and Reality 2020
  • Kapiti’s Changing Coastline 2020

Suggestions and assistance

If anyone has ideas for particular speakers and topics, let us know.

Also if people would like to assist with the overall organisation – present speakers, do votes of thanks, help with suppers etc. – we would be delighted to hear from you.

We will probably have an AGM at the end of the year to set things up for 2020.

–Roger Childs and John Robinson, Coordinators