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Clyde Graf photo

by Carol Sawyer

Have your say on behalf of Kea

Read the attached suggestion by zoologist Dr. Pollard and indulge in Kea ‘protest behaviour’ by sending your rock to Parliament. Kea defend their nests from people by throwing things at them.

Paint your rock green, write something on it, paint a Kea on it, let your imagination run wild. Get your kids involved. At the very least, the rubbish bins in Parliament will be full of colourful rocks. The address is in the attachments. (Remember, any rock up to 1 kg in weight is Freepost to Parliament).

Dr. Pollard’s lead-in:-

“The NZ government clearly doesn’t want to be seen as irresponsible by poisoning off one of our most remarkable and endangered species, the Kea.

After finding that an average of 12% of their monitored Kea died within a few days of the poisoning operations, they made a rule not to poison open alpine herb and tussock areas so that fewer Kea might find the baits, but that rule was abandoned. They tried bird repellent and aversion training to put Kea off eating baits, but Kea are one of the most curious, and in winter time, hungriest of creatures (studies showed that 50% or more of Kea in their first winter died, largely from starvation), so those efforts were doomed.

Now they are claiming that Kea in remote places won’t eat bait and that Kea nests won’t be safe from stoats unless they poison everywhere. But scientists had already found that stoats did not normally bother Kea nests. And at Kahurangi, a site specially chosen by DoC for its remoteness, 9% of their marked Kea died.

Right now the poisoning is reaching into vast, pristine, never-before poisoned areas of Fiordland as well as the usual poisoned places (Westland: Arthur’s Pass; Nelson).

Please act on behalf of Kea. DoC, ZIP and TbFree have no science, only propaganda supporting their poisoning.”

–Dr. Jo Pollard, BSc (Hons) in Zoology (Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Limnology, Applied Ecology); PhD (Zoology)

Kea letter 1

Kea letter 2