bunnyby Carol Sawyer

It appears in this article (plus video) on Newshub

“We have had complaints from the neighbours… rabbits are going in there and impacting on their private property,” says Bradley.

“It also affects biodiversity… rabbits target native species, which we are trying to encourage in the red zone.”

“Land Information NZ, Christchurch Red Zone : Hi …as part of our management of the red zone we’re legally required under the Canterbury Regional Pest Control Strategy to reduce rabbit numbers when they get too high. A key reason for this is to minimise their impact on the environment, particularly native plants.”

“LINZ Christchurch Red Zone : Hi …good question. There’s no risk to other animals should they consume the carrots or rabbits, as the virus only affects European rabbits.”

What native species?!  It must be those native carrots. 🙂

According to quora.com: “Rabbits are herbivores, not carnivores. Bunnies will only eat food that is grown; grass, fruits, vegetables, hay, etc. They don’t eat any form of meat, so they are not carnivores nor omnivores (meaning they’ll eat both meat and plant matter).”