Poetry 5by Gill Ward and Elizabeth Coleman

“A part-time crane operator”

Greetings Literary Aficionados

I know most of you are into other genres as well as poetry which is the way to go!  Our next guest at Poets to the People is Trish Harris.

Trish HarrisTrish is an advocate for all those who live with the experience of disability. She herself uses a wheelchair and calls herself a part-time crane operator. This covers her activity of loading her wheel chair in and out of her van. Oh my goodness – what a skill especially as Trish says ‘living in an unconventional body’.

She has written two books – a memoir with essays, and a poetry collection. I loved her poetry book it’s a sort of diary of a long hospital stay. It is something like a Reality Television show!  It is humorous and affectionate but with empathy and sadness as well. I am looking forward to Trish reading her own poems to us.

Eight women writers

She has also written, with Robyn Hunt, a small booklet, Here we are read us which introduces eight women writers from throughout New Zealand. Trish edited, produced and had the concept for this saying ‘they have something important that connects them – the lived experience of disability.’ You will soon find out that this experience does not define these writers. I am hoping Trish will bring some of these along as well.

You will be pleased to know I have sorted out the issues with the sound. Our new amplifier was gifted to us by a charming gentleman who would not wish to be named but I do thank him deeply for his generosity.

Film Festival

The film festival promises riches…  especially Marianne and Leonard (Cohen of course). He was of course a poet as well as a musician. 

Copies of the programme are at the libraries and also the Mahara Gallery.

So look forward to a session that will warm our hearts as well as our minds.