Waiky garden Winara

A couple of weeks back, we posted a realtor’s listing of a new-build house in the enormous Maypole company development for which the price wanted was $875,000.  Just by way of comparison, here is another house, listed on Thursday, at 8a Winara Avenue, 23 years old, which has almost the same floor area and a larger section: RV of $520,000.  It may sell for more than that, of course, but it shows you what the price difference is.  Realtor’s listing

A real estate agent invited us to look at the Maypole company showhome, identical to the one being sold, and we did; but frankly were’t much impressed.  When we asked what made it special, the agent on-site (a different person) showed us the very thick walls meaning a lot of insulation in them; but cosmetically it was bland.