A post on the 1080 eyewitness Facebook page reads:

“Hi Folks from the Coromandel. I had a visit from the local Police on Thursday. I have often been visited by them prior to a drop so please keep you eyes skinned. It is always sinister when you get a visit without a prior phone call as you always get the feeling they need the advantage of surprise.

“I listened carefully to try to understand [what] the meaning of this visit was rather than what I was being told. It seems somewhere in an office, someone has decided I am a risk to them, the public or whoever. The Christchurch Mosque Affair was mentioned as as an excuse for this visit. Another thing that was brought up was that I had isolated from my friends, my family and I was becoming a loner. Nothing could actually be further from the truth.

“Firearms never came up. I offered to show my firearms but [they] said they would be inspected when my firearms renewal was due 2021.”

Needless to say, he is a rural 1080 poison opponent and it’s clear this is yet another unsubtle message to those who oppose the agenda of the Dear Leader and her regime that if they continue to do so they’ll be destined for a place like this — our pic of Arohata prison in Tawa.