In the middle of last week, Patrick Gower of Newshub went into one of his many sensationalist meltdowns on his favourite subject of “right wing extremists” after a letter from a Russian (presumably a fan) made it to Brenton Tarrant in Auckland’s Paremoremo prison and he sent a reply which was put on the 4chan website.

You can watch Gower’s over-the-top reaction here

But it was not only Patrick Gower, the rest of Jacinda’s sycophantic Mainstream Media chimed in, attacking the Corrections Department staff who run the country’s prisons.

This wasn’t the first time those who have the tough job of dealing with the country’s crims while they are incarcerated have been on the receiving end of the MSM and politicians: earlier this year the provision of flavoured slushy ice machines to make their job more tolerable in summer heat was attacked, starting with the National Party leader Simon Bridges.  Was a $1 million cost spread over all the prisons worthy of such attack?  They were for frontline workers on average pay, not boss bureaucrats on huge salaries.

Now the mail censors at these institutions have been laid into; and quite unfairly.  The letter which made it to 4chan is shown below so readers can decide for themselves if it justified these diatribes — any reasonable person will have a hard time correlating it with Gower’s description and must conclude that he and his ilk are obsessive and ridiculous.

But the Dear Leader once again has reacted the way she usually does: she’s announced she’s going to swiftly pass another law to increase censorship, presumably so that anything remotely “right wing” in correspondence is excised. Neither this case, nor the situation generally, justifies anything of the kind; the prison censor’s decision to pass this example was fine as is the existing law. Leave well alone, Jacinda.

Tarrant letter