Pukerua Bay

Readers will likely have seen the Dominion Post‘s coverage of the Kapiti council candidates on Saturday in which they were invited to submit a mugshot together with 50 words (!) on how they would reduce Rates increases to acceptable levels which, as Waikanae people in particular know, have been unacceptably high since 2007.

In response, Retired Professor Paul Dunmore of Paraparaumu wrote a piece for the Kapiti Independent which can be read here; there are also a couple of good comments by Henry Tilney and Chris Walker.

Existing councilors seeking reelection can be judged on their performance (and in Kapiti’s case without exception it has been Dismal, Desultory and Disappointing.)

Aspiring candidates have to be judged on what their attitudes are to deal with the fundamental problems that result from most of the Council’s power being concentrated into the hands of the Chief Executive, which is a basic flaw of the Local Government Act, and has to be changed by Parliament.  That doesn’t excuse existing councilors from not having tried hard to do that, however.