Readers will likely have seen this story on TV One news over the weekend which was a result of Crs Holborow and Buswell running off to Radio NZ and TV One (and probably others) claiming that they would not be attending any candidate meetings such as those organised by Grey Power if David Scott showed up.

They could easily have ascertained from the KCDC electoral officer that David Scott had in fact decided not to continue (but was prevented from withdrawing once his nomination had been approved) and he had told the Grey Power organiser that he would not be attending any meetings.  Needless to say, Buswell and Holborow received a rebuke from Grey Power for not asking about the situation before running to the media; however, it is obvious that self-serving “look at me” was their intention in the first place.

In fact, although Buswell and Holborow can’t see it, their behavior has backfired on them as the TV One story is sympathetic to David Scott; he wasn’t demonised by the report and the pair’s fearmongering looked just like fearmongering.

Buswell’s describing of 18-year-old Paekakariki candidate Sophie Handford as “vulnerable” is hardly helpful for Sophie’s chances — as is the case with national politics, local politics is not a place for wimps.

Once candidates start indulging in defaming other candidates in this way it sets a negative tone, turns the public off, and in Kapiti’s case just conjures up the council’s disrepute that was particularly notable during Ross Church’s one term mayoralty.

Angela Buswell may find that some of the many people she has upset are going to give her the same treatment; for example about her closing two shops in Kapiti but having one in Levin — despite what she pretends, Kapiti isn’t business-friendly and she herself is a demonstration of that.  We know there are seven councillor candidates who are unhappy with her and Holborow’s behaviour.

The bottom line is that Kapiti will be better off with neither of this pair being reelected — and although we hate to say it, it will be better off if David Scott isn’t either; otherwise this absurd saga which has been harmful for Kapiti’s image is just going to continue.