Taringa whakarongo!
Kia rite! Kia rite! Kia mau!

Ki-a whaka-whenua au i a-hau! 1
Hi! Au-e, Hi! 
Ko Aotearoa e ngu-ngu-ru nei! 2
Au, Au, Au-ë Ha!

Ko kapa o pango e ngu-ngu-ru nei!
Au, Au, Au-ë Ha!
I ahaha!3
Ka tū te ihi-ihi 4
Ka tū te wana-wana.
Ki runga ki te rangi 5
E tū iho nei
E tū iho nei. Hi!

Ponga rä! 6
Kapa o Pango,
Au-e, Hi!

Ponga rä!
Kapa o Pango,
Au-ë, Hi!

    Listen up now!
Get ready! Line up! Hold fast!

Let me be one with the land!

New Zealand is rumbling here!

The team in black is rumbling here!

Face up to the fear
Fight the terror
To the sky above
Fight up there,
high up there. Yeah!

Our shadows fall!
Team in Black!

Silver Fern!
Team in Black!

(The above is taken from the folksong website)