Last night Geoffrey and Iride of our team, and team support member Annette, attended the final WCB meeting of the triennium, primarily to find out what matters will be left for us after 12 October that we don’t already know about.

Firstly, congratulations must go to the existing members for managing a quorum for their final meeting with only 2 of the 5 absent.

As well as the Town Centre safety study mentioned yesterday, two people from Transpower attended with a presentation.  The last time they did this was to inform Waikanae people in late 2017 about the tree-trimming intentions in Waikanae Park (so that the trees don’t get too close to the transmission cables, see the post at the time).

Now Transpower is replacing the two old overhead conductors with new ones — as can be seen from the aerial diagram, this involves a distance of 1.5 km through Waikanae and affects 106 houses that are underneath the centrelines, or within 50 metres either side of them.  Most are in the Te Moana Road/Park Avenue area plus some in the estate of the Parkwood Property Business.

The presenters insisted that there will be minimal disruption to the public during the time period which is 11 October to 29 November.  The project hub will be in the Rugby Club rooms.

There were two aspects that will please people, however — firstly the new conductor cables will produce less noise in wet conditions; secondly the Transpower people mentioned their discretionary capital improvement grants up to $50,000 for local voluntary organisations, which seem to parallel what the WCB offers, and which not only provide an alternative but a lot more generous that what the WCB can award from the cash-strapped KCDC.

Other reports involved a time-line for looking at Waikanae library options, which might be expected given the saga that has unfolded, and a report from the current council Economic Development Manager, which was simply a rehash of what has been said before — our team members’ reaction was “give us a break.”

Agenda of Waikanae Community Board Meeting - 17 00 2019

Agenda of Waikanae Community Board Meeting - 17 00 2019

Agenda of Waikanae Community Board Meeting - 17 00 2019