Mr Dougherty

Council boss Pat Dougherty has been accused of lying about accidentally releasing a draft document of his performance agreement.

The “accidentally released” draft instructing Nelson City Council’s CEO to “drive” controversial projects in 2017 was the only version of the document that existed until last week, it has been revealed.

On Friday CEO Pat Dougherty said the draft document was released because the council had less time than expected to release the information requested.

However, Nelson Residents Association member Steve Cross, who said he fought for a year to have the information released, said he noticed that the “draft” document was a PDF file, but the “final” document was a word file which was last edited on Thursday of last week.

Cross said he asked Dougherty about the edit, and Dougherty “admitted that [council group manager of strategy and communications] Nicky McDonald did edit the document”.

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