Mahara Midweek Market

by Barbara Chatters

Depressed by the row of empty shops, a group of us have decided to start a market in Mahara Place on a Tuesday. It will be outside the library/row of empty shops from 11 am — 1.30 pm every Tuesday from 8 October. On a Tuesday you’ll soon be able to buy plants (perennials and annuals) sewing, quilts and pillow cases, bags and cards, Waikanae Beach Blend Honey, Rawleighs products, soy candles, recycled and repurposed household items, locally produced olive oil and birdfeeders. More stalls to come — looking forward to your support!

We asked:

Isn’t Midweek literally Wednesday rather than Tuesday? “Just Midweek rather than weekend, we’re not getting too technical about it!”

Is this a regulated market, in other words can anyone set up a table or is permission required and if so, from who?  “We have permission from the Council, and no you cannot just set up a table. Two of us are running it and we have to be very careful that we don’t accept stalls that conflict with the shops and also that we don’t double up on stalls at this early stage. There is also a limit to the number of stalls we can have.”