McCann bbq

Rob McCann held this at his place in Otaihanga yesterday afternoon and was attended by about 10 candidates and family members including Geoffrey and Eva, Jocelyn Prvanov, Nigel Wilson, Sophie Handford and Guru.

During the campaign we endorsed candidates with ties to both Labour and National Parties, and although some thought Rob McCann stood under the Labour Party banner to boost his chances in next year’s parliamentary elections, he had already announced he will not be seeking a parliamentary seat. Nathan Guy has announced his retirement as Otaki MP also, so that contest will be one with new frontrunners.

As previously observed, in NZ local politics, ideology matters little — the most important principle is that money taken from the people should be spent as much as possible for the people’s benefit and not high priced inhabitants of glass towers, whether in Rimu Road, Paraparaumu, or in Auckland and Wellington.