These were posted on the KCDC website (as well as all the others) at 1:35 pm.  There are only 107 special votes left to count District-wide and they won’t affect these outcomes.

Valid votes counted in Waikanae were 5,332 which is slightly up on the 5,200 in 2016.

Ward councilor, first preference votes:

Jocelyn Prvanov  2165

Michael Scott  1661

Iride McCloy  1506

After distribution of 2nd preferences from those who gave 1st preference to Iride:

Jocelyn Prvanov  2698

Michael Scott   2055

Both Iride and Michael Scott ran in 2016 and in both cases the first preferences shown above are slightly up.  Jocelyn Prvanov, who has been on the Community Board a long time, and in the last 3 years as Chair, did not run 3 years ago.  It’s clear that despite Geoffrey’s endorsement, few of those who voted for him in 2016 switched to Iride and most went to Jocelyn Prvanov.  Many of those who voted for Tim Parry in 2016 must have voted for her, too.

Waikanae Community Board, first preference votes:

James Westbury  2453

Geoffrey Churchman   1020

Margaret Stevenson-Wright  757

Eric Gregory  416

Jill Griggs  397

Michael Moore  349

After the reallocation of preferences via the (complex) STV system:


James Westbury   2453

Geoffrey Churchman  1399

Margaret Stevenson Wright  986

Jill Griggs  927


Eric Gregory  771

Michael Moore  562

Although Jocelyn Prvanov also stood for the Community Board again, because she had become Ward councilor, the votes just get shown as 0.

Naturally, it’s a big disappointment for our team that Iride wasn’t elected, but that’s democracy and we push on with Jocelyn instead.

The important thing now is strong voices for Waikanae at the council table, which would have been immeasurably helped if Murray Forsdyke, Tim Parry, Chris Turver and Nigel Wilson had all been elected as District-wide councilors, but none were.  Again, that’s democracy.