Otaki library

Otaki Library 4

Otaki Library 1

Otaki Library 3

Otaki library 2

Otaki Library vestibule

Your editors made a trip to the Otaki main town yesterday and could only marvel at how much infrastructure work has been done there in the 3 years since the hardworking Cr James Cootes has been Ward councilor.  (It probably also reflects the fact that Guru, Jackie Elliott and Angela Buswell also live in the area.)

We checked out the library and it was the cause of huge envy in comparison with what Waikanae now has to make do with.  The floor area must be about 5 times bigger and it has meeting and discussion areas that make it the community hub it should be.

We were told by the staff that Waikanae people are now going there — and no doubt spending money in the local shops.  The task for the new Waikanae Community Board is to get a proper library building — which Waikanae deserves considering how high Rates are here and how neglected Waikanae has been by the council!