There are 10 Council seats and there are now 6 new Councilors:  Gwynn Compton, Martin Halliday, Rob McCann, Jocelyn Prvanov, Bernie Randall and Sophie Handford.

by Roger Childs

  1. You have been elected to be the governors, so we expect you to govern.
  2. Don’t always defer to the advice of the CEO and other Council staff.
  3. Reverse the cut in the Library Budget at the first business meeting and then progressively increase this budget year by year.
  4. Put a ban on the Council administration gambling on derivatives.
  5. Set in motion the process for building a new Waikanae Library.
  6. Allow public speaking time at weekly meetings – 3 to 5 minutes per person – with everything recorded.
  7. Have all meetings open to the public.
  8. Limit the use of consultants and get the highly paid staff to do the surveys and assessments needed.
  9. Reduce the numbers of Media staff and increase the staff working on parks, paths, stream edges and reserves.
  10. Do not immediately increase salaries and allowances

An important addition: — set a start date for the building of a water reservoir. We may not need it straight away but will soon. The land for it is already owned by the council and the construction cost could be shared with a power generation company. Neil McKay, former chairman of Electra, confirmed during the campaign this is the sort of thing the power company is interested in doing.

On the matter of Public Excluded sessions (7), the only legitimate situation for justifying them is when the council is looking at appointing an external person to a committee; discussions about personal shortcoming would be compromised otherwise.  –Eds