Los Locos

Today your editors decided to try out — somewhat belatedly — the reopened Waimea restaurant in its new guise of Los Locos Mexican Cantina.

The outside colours are those of the Mexican flag (although there is also a little silhouette of Kapiti Island in recognition of where it is), and Los Locos is Spanish for “The Crazies”…

The interior walls are in yellow ocher and decorated with typical Mexican ornaments — plus a large picture of a Mexican bandito from several decades ago (we asked who, but the waitresses didn’t know).

It’s the food that matters most, of course, and we thought our choices of a Burrito Grande (complete with “rattlesnake salsa”) and beef quesadilla were good.  We aren’t sure how authentic it all is, never having been south of the American border, although there is plenty of Mexican culture including cuisine to be found in America.  The food is definitely better than what we had at the Mexican restaurant in Jackson Street, Petone, for example.

Mexican beverages on offer are a little limited, but we tried a Dos Equis (Two X) beer, an amber ale; the ubiquitous Corona wan’t listed.  But there is, as you would expect, the opportunity to try a tequila or two.

Los Locos interieur

Los Locos interior