coronavirus_structureIt has provided the Mainstream Media something else to lead their News broadcasts with instead of climate change and Donald Trump stories, but like climate change, the constant sensationalism has only resulted in unnecessary anxiety if not fear on the part of much of the public.

What we know:

  • This virus is droplet-borne not airborne, so you are unlikely to be infected just by being in an air-conditioned building or plane or bus or train or ship as someone who has the virus, unless that person openly coughs or sneezes close to you.
  • The droplets from an infected person can remain on a solid surface like banisters, handrails and doorknobs for a few days, but regularly washing your hands with an appropriate hand sanitizer will deal with that,
  • As long as you don’t touch your face with hands or fingers that may have come into contact with such droplets before being able to disinfect them, there is little risk.
  • Facemasks do nothing.
  • Existing flu vaccines won’t get rid of it.
  • But even if you did catch the virus, unless you are over 80 or have an existing respiratory illness it won’t be fatal; it will be like a bad case of the flu but should be over after 9 days.
  • In China where the virus originated, there are almost no new cases because of extensive and rigorous measures to contain it: part of an e-mail we received from a person living in China is below.


    It is not possible for any person to move anywhere in China and not be tested at least a dozen times for the Corona Virus.

    Most hotels, all restaurants, schools, national parks, public parks, sporting facilities and any place where anyone may visit are either closed, as per the restaurants and hotels , schools etc or, subjected to continuous testing.

    Wuhan and Hebei Province are effectively sealed off from the outside. Within a few weeks the Chinese will be able to fairly state that the Corona Virus within China is non-existent.  The rigorous testing program being conducted is being followed by every person inside China. The number of new cases of Corona Virus becoming known anywhere in China has almost, if not entirely ceased.

    While China and in particular, Wuhan, may be the source of the virus it is not what the rest of the world should be concerned about.

    The problem for the rest of the world… While China is capable and able to implement quickly and most rigorous testing procedure that is complied with by everyone without exception, the same can not be said for the rest of the world.

    Closing airports and stopping travel between anywhere in China and the rest of the world is not a solution. The rate of CoronaVirus within China will, within a few weeks or a month at most, be virtually non-existent.

    That problem is now with the outside world from the Chinese point of view.  The closed borders may well be working in reverse. China does not want the Virus returning to China from infected overseas travelers entering China.

    It is people that wish to travel to China that the Chinese Government will be very watchful of and, may very well implement testing procedures for any person entering China.

    The spread of the virus outside China will continue and may spread wider at an alarming rate. That is simply because while China can and has implemented a rigorous testing procedure — the rest of the world cannot.