Sensationalism is the name of the game these days to the Mainstream Media — anyone who can still manage to watch TV1/TV3 news will have long realised that.  Really the only reason to do so now is to see the pictures to accompany the reports in print (including online) media.  Both channels were clearly itching to be able to report the first Covid-19 NZ death and they must have been delighted when a 74-year-old in Greymouth died — but it’s obvious that she was a very sick lady already.

Even worse is the way data is being manipulated by authorities overseas. Lawyer Sue Grey of Nelson asks: “are the deaths being reported from Covid-19 or with Covid-19?”  As we’ve seen in Italy, it’s obvious that it’s mostly the latter.heart disease

It doesn’t just stop there — anyone watching the MSM needs to be suspicious about what they’re seeing:

BBC fakery

CBS fakery